Le Petit Bloc

Build a decentralised, trustable and reliable world


  • We have successfully complete the Consensys Developer Program 🎉

    June - October 2018

    Consensys Developer Program is a complete end-to-end online Ethereum course.

    We built two complete dApps. Johan did the light-version of one of our project and Alexandre did a decentralised Qora-like with tokenized incentive.

  • New website

    June 2018

    After six months with a simple Html page with no stylesheets, we finally have a new website!

  • Default git template and truffle stack

    May 2018

    Alexandre release tools for projects and external audits on "Smart Contracts".

  • Le Petit Bloc is now a french SCIC project!

    Avril 2018

    Le Petit Bloc found its purpose:

    1. Le Petit Bloc is not another blockchain company.
    2. Decentralization is the key!
    3. Governance, Knowledge and Economy are the topics and we have convictions.
    4. Here to help and build a Software Craftsmanship organization.
  • First consulting mission

    Mars 2018

    Alexandre work as an advisor for a french company and help them build the decentralization part of their project for a BPI challenge.

  • First pull request on Bitcoin

    Mars 2018

    Johan release his dynamic build tool for wallet and masternode and he made his first pull-request on Bitcoin.

  • First public talk

    February 2018

    First public talk about "Le Petit Bloc", a startup studio for blockchain projects.

  • Hello Github!

    December 2017

    Because we ❤️ Open Source.

  • Project development

    September 2017

    Johan and Alexandre start talking about a common project around an agency in the blockchain economy. Codename: "dotchain".

  • Beyond The Void

    Janvier 2017

    Johan start working with Beyond The Void, the first french ICO on Ethereum.

  • First dApp for Johan

    December 2016

    First Proof Of Concept with web3, React, Redux and redux-saga.


Alexandre "pocky" BALMES

Alexandre "pocky" BALMES

3F70 833B 886B A122

  • Software consultant
  • In love with DDD and quality
  • Happy husband and father
  • Johan "lutangar" DUFOUR

    Johan "lutangar" DUFOUR


  • Full-stack senior Web developer
  • In love with dApps
  • Happy gardener